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OBCIDO works with a diverse clientele of mixed fields of business, creative backgrounds, languages, and locations. The projects are as exciting as the clients. From Corporate, Startups, Entrepreneurs to NFT Artists, Authors, and Organizations, we deliver what you need.


Consult on Another Level

OBCIDO has the expertise to capture, strategize, and add value across mediums worldwide. Our management consulting services focus on your most critical issues from marketing and operations to technology and digital transformation. Whatever your business enterprise venture or undertaking, we deliver tailor-made, advanced analytics for all industries. The process is simple and starts with your Assessment. Upon completion and evaluation, we present an OBCIDO Road Map including our Findings, Recommendations, and an Action Plan.


Create Marketing Strategies

OBCIDO's marketing team focuses on high visibility to give you a winning edge over your competitors. Our access to world-class digital technology identifies future growth opportunities. Directing traffic from organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) search engines, we enrich the quality and quantity of movement to your website or platform. Our customized campaigns ensure top rankings and engagement across all platforms while keeping in mind the users' experience.


Define Brand Guidelines

The content team at OBCIDO is highly experienced in creating effective branding guidelines that define your unique identity. Each set of guidelines is customized to meet your specific vision. We strive to set you apart from the crowd while implementing a comprehensive framework to put your goals in motion.


Build Interactive Websites

OBCIDO designs, develops, and transforms websites. We tailor each site to suit your brand and represent the core value of your business. Our expert technologists understand today's consumers and maintain robust, cutting-edge digital solutions to drive traffic. With simplified back-end and interactive front-end executions, we deliver speedy, secure, and customizable systems capable of expanding with your needs and increasing your ROI.


Amplify PR Campaigns

OBCIDO's PR specialists strive for brand recognition and focus on outcomes. Capitalizing on traditional and digital media, we connect with audiences on multiple levels and platforms. From press releases to media relations, your OBCIDO team amplifies PR campaigns to a wide audience.


Design Compelling Graphics

Focusing on technology, content management, and brand consistency, our graphics team is top-of-the-line. From website visuals to comprehensive social media design, we go beyond mere graphics. We craft and sculpt the overall visual identity to enhance and propel your online presence.


Produce Cutting Edge Videos

OBCIDO's studio service embraces the latest techniques and technologies to stay ahead of the game. Our global team produces promotional videos from documentaries and shorts to advertisements, corporate features, and campaigns.


Develop Engaging Content

From stunning graphics to well-researched copy, OBCIDO's team develops content strategy after carefully considering specific goals. Performance is evaluated and monitored weekly and monthly leveraging on the latest reporting software to ensure success. We strive to increase reach and engagement for your brand or business.


Generate Analytics Reports

Weekly and monthly reporting by OBCIDO's communications team is done effectively and consistently, utilizing the latest software and technology. You receive updates and reports based on the data that is presented across all platforms, as well as clear recommendations and insights from your OBCIDO team. Our reporting is there to ensure that you always stay in the loop.


Social Media Management

Using the most advanced audience and targeting technology, OBCIDO manages every aspect of your social media. From content calendars to engaging campaigns and compelling visuals, our KPIs are defined by your growth and ROI.

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