We Consult. Strategize. Develop. Create. Launch. Market. Manage. Train. Achieve.

OBCIDO has the expertise to capture, strategize and add value across mediums worldwide. Our management consulting services focus on your most critical issues, from marketing and operations to technology and digital transformation. Whatever your business, enterprise, venture, or undertaking, we deliver tailor-made, advanced analytics within all industries. The process is simple and commences with your Assessment. Upon completion and evaluation, Findings, Recommendations, and an Action Plan will be in the OBCIDO Road Map.


OBCIDO optimizes solutions to maximize strategies across all sectors, from individuals to global operations. With proficiency and technology augmented by an ecosystem of best-of-breed partners, we navigate change to achieve profitable growth - a feat accomplished by only one in 11 companies. Based on the OBCIDO Road Map, our strategies reach milestones with deliverable KPIs.


OBCIDO incorporates a collaborative approach to development - combining technology, operations, and market insight - to create exciting product and service portfolios. Based on the OBCIDO Road Map and defined KPIs, we develop, activate, and cultivate to ensure a positive customer experience. Our committed team of experts will take the lead on operational aspects and processes, logistic networks, and procurement from inception to execution.


OBCIDO integrates strong technical and managerial proficiency to improve productivity. We identify consumer behavior and demographics, economic conditions, and cost efficiency while implementing the latest technologies and methodologies. From managing the right team to tracking analytics and performance KPIs, our management skills and expertise ensure tangible goals and lasting outcomes.


OBCIDO, a firm believer in the power of education, is committed to supporting staff engagement and advancement. We offer professional development and eLearning software tools to train you and your staff on the latest technology.

Website Solutions

OBCIDO designs, develops and, transforms websites. We tailor to suit your brand and represent the core value of your business. Our expert technologists understand today's consumers, maintaining robust, cutting-edge digital solutions to drive traffic. With simplified back-end, and interactive front-end executions, we deliver speedy, secure, customized systems to expand with your needs and increase your ROI.


OBCIDO's marketing team focuses on high visibility, giving you a winning edge over your competitors. Our access to world-class digital technology identifies future growth opportunities. Directing traffic from organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) search engines enriches the quality and quantity of movement to your website or platform, and our customized campaigns ensure a top ranking.

Branding & PR

OBCIDO's PR specialists strive for brand recognition and focus on outcomes. Capitalizing on traditional and digital media, we connect with audiences on multiple levels. Focusing on technology, content management, and brand consistency, our team creates graphics, campaigns, maps growth, and promotes strategies across multi-platforms for high impact.


OBCIDO's studio service embraces the latest techniques, technologies, and cast to stay ahead of the game. Our global team produces promotional videos from documentaries and shorts to advertisements and campaigns.

Reputation Management

OBCIDO understands that positive reputation in the digital world is a valuable assets for business. As the internet magnifies brand and service perception, research indicates a negative comment can drive up to 30 customers away. Using the latest technology, our team effectively manages your online representation.