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Transform LinkedIn connections into valuable partnerships. OBCIDO harnesses the power of data and personalized engagement to bring qualified leads directly to your business.

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Struggling to Expand Your
Professional Network ?

Finding it Tough to Engage with Industry Leaders?

Lost in the Sea of LinkedIn Profiles?

Unsure How to Turn Connections into Clients?

Concerned Your LinkedIn Strategy Lacks Direction?

Seeking a More Strategic Approach to Networking?

Wondering Why Competitors Are Outperforming You?

LinkedIn is More Than Just a Networking Site. It's Your Gateway to Growth.

Navigating LinkedIn’s vast network can be daunting, but your business’s success hinges on making those critical connections. At OBCIDO, we excel in not just finding but engaging and converting key professionals into valuable leads. We know the intricacies of LinkedIn’s platform and use this knowledge to target and tailor conversations that lead to genuine business opportunities.

Our team’s strategic approach ensures your LinkedIn presence is powerful and purposeful. With OBCIDO, you’re not just gaining visibility; you’re securing a partner dedicated to expanding your professional reach and opening doors to new possibilities.











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Transforming Profiles into Partnerships.
The OBCIDO LinkedIn Strategy.

Is your LinkedIn account idle or underperforming? OBCIDO understands the challenge of converting a network into net worth. That’s why our LinkedIn strategy is proactive and personalized. We go beyond basic networking, initiating meaningful dialogue that leads to profitable partnerships and consistent lead generation.

Our methodology is not about amassing a high quantity of connections, but rather about forging quality, strategic relationships that benefit your business. With OBCIDO, you’re not just expanding your network; you’re investing in a sophisticated strategy that aligns with your company’s objectives and targets the right prospects.

The digital space is crowded, but your LinkedIn presence doesn’t have to be. We craft your profile to stand out, ensuring that every connection is a step toward a stronger business future. Our experienced team ensures your LinkedIn strategy is robust, resulting in a more dynamic, influential presence that drives your business forward.

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Leverage Our Expertise to Build Influential Business Relationships on LinkedIn.

In the digital age, your next opportunity could be just a connection away. But it’s not just about who you know, it’s about who knows you and what you stand for.

By entrusting your LinkedIn lead generation to OBCIDO, you’re not just enhancing your network; you’re asserting control over your professional narrative. Our experts use advanced LinkedIn tools and strategies to ensure that your profile gets noticed by the right people, turning your LinkedIn account into a lead conversion machine.

No matter your industry, our professionals are adept at crafting a LinkedIn presence that

Engages with precision-targeted business prospects.

Cultivates meaningful relationships with decision-makers.

Positions you as a thought leader in your field.

Three Steps
to Linkedin

It's That
with OBCIDO.


LinkedIn Profile Audit

We assess your current LinkedIn presence, identifying strengths and areas for improvement to maximize your networking potential.


Customized Connection Strategy

Our team develops a strategic plan tailored to your business goals, focusing on engaging with prospects that offer the highest return on connection.


Engagement and Conversion

We don’t just connect you with prospects; we nurture those connections through strategic engagement, converting them into valuable leads for your business.

Our Commitment to You
Dedicated to Expanding Your Professional Reach with Every Click

Focused Lead Generation

We zero in on your target demographic, ensuring every LinkedIn interaction is an opportunity for growth.

Strategic Networking

Our approach goes beyond connections; we foster relationships that translate into business success.

Consistent Lead Quality

With OBCIDO, expect a steady stream of high-caliber leads, vetted and aligned with your business needs.

Insightful Analytics

We track the progress and impact of your LinkedIn strategy, offering transparent reports and actionable insights.

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Make Every Connection Count: Turn Your LinkedIn into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse.

In a world where digital presence is currency, a well-managed LinkedIn profile is invaluable. OBCIDO transforms your LinkedIn from a passive account to a hub of activity that consistently yields high-quality leads.

Hear it from Our Customers

Ribal Al Ariss
Ribal Al Ariss
One of the best, if not actually the best digital marketing company in Lebanon and the US. Their work is truly incredible and their customer service speaks volumes. They are very friendly and treat the client with respect and work together as a family which got me very happy to work with them. I highly recommend working with Obcido
Marc Basset
Marc Basset
Professional , authenticity and well-organized .
Ruqaya Mirza
Ruqaya Mirza
Such an amazing company and super creative and talented team
Jad Boustany
Jad Boustany
I usually never write reviews but i think that one is a must. OBCIDO team built my social enterprise’s website and implemented a whole software (fully made from scratch) to it while being the amazing ppl that they are. OBCIDO’s team flexibility and devotion for the work they’re doing always amazes my team and I! Beside the work, the positive vibes that Omar, Jennifer, Mohammad, Joanna and the whole team cast out are seriously infectious! Once an OBCIDO client, always an OBCIDO client. Easily. Keep it up guys! You rock!
Sabine Hanna
Sabine Hanna
I am pleased to know and work with the OBCIDO team. Their professionalism and agile solutions are an asset to have. You can can rely on their efficiency and effectiveness to get the job done.
Chander Damodaran
Chander Damodaran
Its been a pleasure interacting with Chaker, Omar, Katharine for our healthcare site content and thought leadership articles that the team has helped co-create. I would highly recommend OBCIDO Inc. for their professional demeanor and passion to getting things done!
Rebecca Cox
Rebecca Cox
Obcido did a great job of not only creating our website how we wanted it, but also gave us great insight on what they believed will help boost sales. The designers and developers are true professionals. They understand your vision and make it a reality. The layouts and designs are fantastic.
Mikey Kay
Mikey Kay
Superb working with the OBCIDO team, led by Omar Kandil, on my new-and-improved website. Perfection is their mantra and they will not publish until everything is looking fantastic. Their attention to detail is impressive, I needed them to work to a tight timeline — they delivered. But most of all, a brilliant and talented team that was a pleasure to work with. I’m happy these folks are running my website. I have access to them 24/7 for updates, and as a filmmaker, my content looks superb online. Thanks Chaker, Omar, Katharine, Jennifer, Josianne, and Barbara. Epic work.


Through our extensive experience with numerous campaigns, OBCIDO Inc. has cultivated a rich dataset that informs our strategies. Typically, our clients experience an initiation of 20 to 50 new dialogues with potential key buyers for every 500 prospects we engage with on their behalf.

OBCIDO Inc. crafts:

1) Customizable connection requests that may include a personalized message based on your specific preferences.

2) Tailored follow-up messages post-acceptance of the connection request, exclusively sent to the newly established 1st degree connections procured through our services.

Indeed, utilizing OBCIDO Inc.’s full capabilities requires LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We suggest opting for LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional for its balance of features and cost-efficiency, currently priced at $99.99 per month. Additionally, first-time subscribers are entitled to a complimentary first month.

Upon initiation of services with OBCIDO Inc., you will be partnered with a dedicated account manager. This expert will orchestrate your introductory session, continually engage with you in strategic meetings, and provide guidance throughout your lead generation journey. They bring to the table the collective wisdom from thousands of successful campaigns, ready to bolster your LinkedIn prospecting and sales strategies.

Yes, OBCIDO Inc. has the capability to send Open InMails to your prospects, ensuring even those outside your network can be reached effectively.

OBCIDO Inc.’s role is to lay the groundwork by generating leads. The ongoing conversation and relationship management with these newly acquired leads will be your exciting opportunity to expand your business connections.

OBCIDO Inc. leverages advanced data analytics and client-specific research to tailor LinkedIn outreach messages. Our approach ensures that each message resonates with the recipient’s interests, industry, and professional achievements, aiming to maximize engagement and response rates.

We maintain a strategic balance to optimize engagement without overwhelming prospects. Typically, initial contact is followed by a series of thoughtfully spaced follow-up messages, the frequency and timing of which are customized based on the campaign’s goals and the prospect’s interaction.

OBCIDO Inc.’s process involves a multi-layered approach, including demographic analysis, industry trends, and client-specific goals. We utilize advanced LinkedIn filters and our proprietary algorithms to pinpoint prospects that align with your ideal customer profile.

Absolutely. OBCIDO Inc. not only assists in crafting personalized outreach messages but also helps in developing a comprehensive content strategy. This includes creating and scheduling posts that engage your network and enhance your brand’s presence on LinkedIn.

Compliance is key at OBCIDO Inc. We stay updated with LinkedIn’s evolving policies and ensure that all outreach activities are within the platform’s guidelines. Our methods prioritize organic engagement and meaningful connection-building.

Success measurement at OBCIDO Inc. is data-driven. We track key metrics such as response rates, engagement levels, and conversion rates. These insights are then used to refine tactics and strategies, ensuring continuous improvement of campaign performance.

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