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Struggling to Make Your
Brand's Voice Heard?

Feeling Overshadowed in the Media Spotlight?

Concerned Your Press Releases Go Unseen?

Battling to Break Through the News Clutter?

Stressed About Unfavorable Media Coverage?

Challenged by Limited Media Relationships?

Seeking More Traction from Your PR Campaigns?

We Believe You Deserve PR Strategies
That Turn Heads and Capture Hearts.

Why Choose Our PR Services? Because
We Get it

We understand the frustration of feeling like your brand’s voice is lost amidst the clamor of the digital age. It’s challenging to see your hard work and unique story go unnoticed or be overshadowed by competitors. That’s why we’re here. You can trust us because we’ve been in your shoes, navigating the intricate maze of public relations.

Our team is equipped with the expertise and passion to ensure your brand not only speaks but is heard loud and clear. With OBCIDO, you’re not just getting PR services; you’re gaining a dedicated partner committed to amplifying your brand’s presence.


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Amplifying Your Brand's Voice.
PR Approach.

Ever felt like your brand’s story is getting lost in the noise? At OBCIDO, we recognize the challenges of standing out in a saturated media landscape. That’s why our PR approach is distinct. We don’t just aim for coverage; we ensure your brand’s narrative resonates and leaves a lasting impression. Every story we craft is tailored to elevate your brand’s presence and align with your business objectives.

It’s one thing to get media attention; it’s another to have impactful and positive coverage. With OBCIDO, you’re not just getting PR services; you’re partnering with a team committed to transforming passive mentions into active brand engagements. Our strategies are meticulously designed to engage your target audience, ensuring every press release, media pitch, and story amplifies your brand’s ethos and vision.

Past PR missteps or overlooked announcements can be discouraging. But with OBCIDO, you’re choosing precision, expertise, and impactful results. Our seasoned PR professionals have successfully reshaped the narratives for countless satisfied clients. We’re not just about getting you in the news; we’re about making sure that coverage propels your brand forward, fostering trust, recognition, and growth.

Use Our Deep Media Relationships
to Steer Your Brand's Conversation.

Every day, discussions about your brand echo across various platforms, many of which you might not even be aware of. Leaving these conversations in the hands of third parties can be a gamble, especially when they might not prioritize your brand’s best interests.


By choosing to work with OBCIDO for strategic PR services, you’re not just hiring a team; you’re reclaiming the reins of your brand’s narrative. Many of our PR experts began their careers within the media, gaining invaluable insights before transitioning to PR. This journey has equipped us with a vast media network, ensuring that your brand’s image is not just protected but celebrated. Let’s work together to craft a narrative that truly reflects your brand’s essence and values.


No Matter Your Needs, Our PR Professionals Are Skilled in Crafting Customized Approaches To:

Actively uphold an impeccable brand presence.

Navigate and protect your brand during challenging times.

Position you as a leading figure in your specific domain.

Three Steps
to PR Success.
It's That Easy
with Us.


Free PR Assessment

Dive deep into your current PR landscape. We'll evaluate your brand's media presence, pinpointing opportunities and areas that need a boost.


Tailored PR Blueprint

Our team crafts a bespoke PR strategy, aligning with your brand's values and goals, ensuring every story, pitch, and release hits the mark.


Launch and Monitor

With the strategy set, we roll out your PR campaigns, ensuring your brand's voice is heard. Continuous monitoring ensures we stay on track, adapting to the ever-changing media landscape.

Our Promise to You

Unwavering Commitment to Elevate Your Brand’s Voice in Every Media

Amplified Brand

Stand out in the vast media landscape. Our strategic PR campaigns ensure your brand’s story is not just told but echoed, reaching the right ears.

Proactive Reputation

Stay ahead of the curve. We monitor and address both positive and negative media mentions, ensuring your brand maintains a pristine image.

Strategic Media

Go beyond mere coverage. Our deep-rooted media connections guarantee that your brand gets the spotlight in top-tier publications and platforms.

Data-Driven PR

Make informed decisions. Our PR analytics provide a clear view of your brand’s media presence, helping you refine strategies based on tangible metrics.

Shift the Spotlight: Your Brand's Journey
from Unseen to Unmissable.

In today’s media maze, many brands go unnoticed, their stories untold. With our PR expertise, brands shift from background noise to headline news, gaining amplified narratives and a resonating reputation.

Hear it from Our Customers

Ribal Al Ariss
Ribal Al Ariss
One of the best, if not actually the best digital marketing company in Lebanon and the US. Their work is truly incredible and their customer service speaks volumes. They are very friendly and treat the client with respect and work together as a family which got me very happy to work with them. I highly recommend working with Obcido
Marc Basset
Marc Basset
Professional , authenticity and well-organized .
Ruqaya Mirza
Ruqaya Mirza
Such an amazing company and super creative and talented team
Jad Boustany
Jad Boustany
I usually never write reviews but i think that one is a must. OBCIDO team built my social enterprise’s website and implemented a whole software (fully made from scratch) to it while being the amazing ppl that they are. OBCIDO’s team flexibility and devotion for the work they’re doing always amazes my team and I! Beside the work, the positive vibes that Omar, Jennifer, Mohammad, Joanna and the whole team cast out are seriously infectious! Once an OBCIDO client, always an OBCIDO client. Easily. Keep it up guys! You rock!
Sabine Hanna
Sabine Hanna
I am pleased to know and work with the OBCIDO team. Their professionalism and agile solutions are an asset to have. You can can rely on their efficiency and effectiveness to get the job done.
Chander Damodaran
Chander Damodaran
Its been a pleasure interacting with Chaker, Omar, Katharine for our healthcare site content and thought leadership articles that the team has helped co-create. I would highly recommend OBCIDO Inc. for their professional demeanor and passion to getting things done!
Rebecca Cox
Rebecca Cox
Obcido did a great job of not only creating our website how we wanted it, but also gave us great insight on what they believed will help boost sales. The designers and developers are true professionals. They understand your vision and make it a reality. The layouts and designs are fantastic.
Mikey Kay
Mikey Kay
Superb working with the OBCIDO team, led by Omar Kandil, on my new-and-improved website. Perfection is their mantra and they will not publish until everything is looking fantastic. Their attention to detail is impressive, I needed them to work to a tight timeline — they delivered. But most of all, a brilliant and talented team that was a pleasure to work with. I’m happy these folks are running my website. I have access to them 24/7 for updates, and as a filmmaker, my content looks superb online. Thanks Chaker, Omar, Katharine, Jennifer, Josianne, and Barbara. Epic work.

What You Get with OBCIDO's PR Services



PR, or Public Relations, focuses on managing your brand’s image and relationships with the public, while Reputation Management specifically targets your online presence to build and maintain a positive image.

These services can increase brand awareness, build credibility, and mitigate negative publicity, thereby improving your business reputation and driving customer trust and loyalty.

The timeframe varies depending on your goals and the scope of the campaign. However, most businesses can expect to see tangible results within 3-6 months.

Yes, we offer crisis management services to handle negative publicity, mitigate damage, and rebuild your brand’s reputation effectively.

Absolutely. Our reputation management services include monitoring and responding to online reviews and ratings to foster a positive online presence.

We offer a wide array of PR services, including media relations, influencer partnerships, press release distribution, and event PR to align with your business objectives.

Yes, our team has expertise across various industries, allowing us to tailor PR and reputation management strategies to your specific sector.

Our pricing is customized to your needs and can vary based on the scope of the project. We offer retainer-based, project-based, and hourly pricing options.

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