Athens Democracy Forum

Amplifying the Voice of Democracy in the Digital Age

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The Athens Democracy Forum by The New York Times isn’t just another event; it’s a summit where democracy is under the lens. How do you elevate a yearly forum into a year-round conversation with such high stakes?

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Social Media Strategy

We took over their social platforms with a focus on meaningful dialogue, not just likes and shares.


Live Event Coverage

When it came time for the annual forum, we traveled to Athens. Armed with live tweets and real-time content, we ensured those who couldn’t attend had a front-row seat to the event.


Engaging Content

Our mission was to keep followers tuned in year-round through thought-provoking posts and discussions that reflect the forum's ideals.

The Impact

Two years in, and the Athens Democracy Forum doesn’t just end when the applause does. It’s become a continuous, global discussion, with social engagement rates that defy the norms.

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Why This

In a world clamoring for transparent, effective governance, the Athens Democracy Forum has emerged as a key player, helping shape that narrative. We’re proud to contribute to this democratic dialogue but understand that the conversation is far from over.

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