Duggal Gallery

An E-Commerce Odyssey in the Art World

The Challenge:

Duggal Gallery isn’t just another online art store. It’s a sacred space where contemporary art and top-tier technology meet. How do you create an e-commerce platform that honors both the art and the artists?



Custom Shopify Development:

No off-the-rack themes here. We developed a site that feels like a virtual gallery, tailor-made to showcase limited edition prints.


Marketing Arsenal:

From email campaigns to social media blitzes, we've used every tool in the e-commerce playbook to build momentum and sustain interest.


Artists Relation:

We don’t just manage inventory; we manage relationships, curating monthly drops and acting as the liaison between artists and the Duggal team.

The Impact:

The result is more than a website; it’s a living, breathing gallery that brings the best in contemporary art to doorsteps worldwide. Social engagement is booming, and we’ve cultivated a mailing list any gallery would envy.

Why This

Art should be accessible, and artists should be celebrated. Duggal Gallery has set a new standard for what an online art marketplace can be, and we’re thrilled to be the brushstrokes behind this digital masterpiece.

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