Duggal Greenhouse

Where Industrial Chic Meets Digital Sophistication

The Challenge:

The Duggal Greenhouse isn’t just a venue; it’s a canvas where imagination takes physical form. How do you create a digital presence that’s as versatile and breathtaking as a space that’s seen everything from art exhibitions to high-profile galas?



Website Wonderland:

We built a site that mirrors the Greenhouse's adaptability, with an interactive gallery showcasing the venue’s chameleon-like prowess.


Easy Bookings:

Usability was key. We ensured potential clients could easily visualize their event in the space and book it without a hassle.


Social Media Symphony:

For over two years, we’ve captured the venue's ever-changing moods and moments, driving engagement through carefully curated posts.

The Impact:

Engagement has not just been about clicks and views; it’s resulted in real bookings. The website has become the venue’s digital ambassador, making the case for why the Greenhouse should be the first choice for an event in NYC.

Why This

Duggal Greenhouse transformed an old warehouse into a dream venue. We took on the task of ensuring that its digital space is just as transformative and dreamy. It’s a continuous dialogue between physical beauty and digital allure, and we’re thrilled to be part of that conversation.

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