Holberton NYC

Bridging Education Gaps for Future Software Engineers


The Challenge

Holberton School, a prominent Computer Science institution, aimed to strengthen its digital presence and attract a wider audience of aspiring software engineers. The challenge was to enhance the school’s website, increase course subscriptions, implement effective SEO strategies, and promote its offerings through targeted advertising and social media.




Website Enhancement

Collaborating with Holberton NYC, we revamped their website to create a more user-friendly experience. The goal was to provide prospective students with easy access to information about courses, admissions, and the unique educational approach offered by Holberton School.


SEO Integration

To boost online visibility, we integrated advanced SEO tools, ensuring that Holberton NYC ranked higher in relevant search engine results. This approach aimed to attract individuals passionate about software engineering and seeking a cutting-edge education.


PPC Campaign

Leveraging digital advertising platforms, we designed and executed targeted campaigns to reach potential students. By identifying key demographics and employing strategic ad placements, we aimed to increase awareness of Holberton School's educational programs.


Social Media Promotion

Managing Holberton NYC's social media platforms, we implemented a comprehensive strategy to showcase the school's achievements, student success stories, and course offerings. Social media became a dynamic tool to engage with the community and promote Holberton's unique approach to computer science education.

The Impact

Since our collaboration with Holberton NYC commenced, there has been a notable increase in website traffic, course subscriptions, and overall brand recognition. Graduates continue to secure positions at renowned tech companies, solidifying Holberton School’s reputation as a leading institution in the field. 

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Why This

For Holberton NYC, providing quality education in the field of computer science is not just a mission; it’s a necessity. Our strategic efforts have not only elevated their online presence but have also contributed to the success of their graduates, reinforcing Holberton School’s crucial role in closing the gap in software engineering education.

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