Ruqaya Ali Merza

Illuminating Paths to Your Best Self

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The Challenge

Ruqaya Ali Merza’s mission is to help individuals unlock their potential, and she needed a digital presence that reflected the transformative power of her coaching services.

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Brand Creation

We started from scratch, crafting a website, logo, and branding guidelines that exude clarity and empowerment.


Digital Branding

Beyond the website, we extended her brand to social media, ensuring that her message reached those in search of clarity and transformation.


Billboard Showcase

As a high-priority move, we showcased Ruqaya Ali Merza on a billboard in NYC, putting her message in front of thousands of potential clients.

The Impact

Ruqaya’s online presence is now a beacon for those seeking guidance and transformation. Her brand is recognized not just on the digital landscape but also in the heart of New York City.

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Why This

In a world filled with noise, Ruqaya Ali Merza’s coaching services offer clarity and empowerment. We’re thrilled to have helped her illuminate paths to personal and professional fulfillment.


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