Influencer-Driven Market Domination in Turkey

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The Challenge

With a robust client base of over 10 million and a commitment to diverse trading platforms, XM is an industry stalwart. Yet, in a bustling market like Turkey, cutting through the noise required a strategy as innovative as it is impactful.

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Influencer Identification

Our team meticulously researched to find influencers that resonate with XM's brand and ethos, targeting audiences apt for financial investment.


End-to-End Campaign Management

From outreach and negotiation to contract signing and payouts, we took care of every detail, ensuring the campaign's seamless execution.


Multi-Platform Coverage

We didn't just stick to one channel. Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram were all part of our marketing mix to maximize reach and engagement.

The Impact

The campaign not only elevated XM’s brand presence in Turkey but also led to a substantial increase in application sign-ups and new memberships. 


Why This

Financial markets are ever-changing, and so are the ways to reach potential investors. By pairing XM with the right influencers, we’ve created a marketing symphony that’s both far-reaching and fine-tuned to the company’s unique market goals. It’s not just about signing up new members; it’s about building a community that trusts and grows with XM.

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