Zeina Al Zein

Guiding Journeys of Self-Discovery

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The Challenge

Zeina Al Zein’s mission in self-development transcends boundaries; her impact is measured in the positive transformations of her clients’ lives. The challenge lay in crafting a digital strategy that could effectively convey her empowering guidance to individuals seeking personal growth.

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Empowering Digital Presence

1. Empowering Digital Presence: With a tailored website, OBCIDO designed a digital haven that resonates with Zeina's dedication to guiding others on their path to self-improvement.


Strategic Social Amplification

Through strategic social media management and compelling content creation, we magnified Zeina's reach, captivating those in pursuit of personal growth.


Podcast Pioneering

OBCIDO's role extended to her podcast, where we brainstormed ideas for impactful reels and content, elevating Zeina's voice as a beacon of positivity and personal development.


Brand Building from Scratch

From zero to coherent identity, OBCIDO not only created a brand for Zeina but also established brand guidelines, ensuring her digital presence is consistently impactful.

The Impact

Our multifaceted strategy, guided by OBCIDO’s expertise, has elevated Zeina Al Zein’s influence, positioning her as a transformative guide on the journey of self-discovery.

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Account Profile Zeina Al Zein

Why This

Self-development isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about unlocking one’s potential and embracing positive change. Zeina Al Zein’s role is to guide individuals through this transformative process, and OBCIDO’s role is to ensure her digital presence reflects her commitment to empowerment and personal transformation. Together, Zeina Al Zein and OBCIDO illuminate the path to self-discovery, one step at a time.

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